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Ulta Beauty arrives in Bullhead City, offering a diverse selection of beauty products

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May 2023

BULLHEAD CITY – If beauty is skin deep, get ready for a great dive. Ulta Beauty, the largest beauty retailer in the United States, has arrived at the Mohave Crossing in Bullhead City. Ulta showcases over 25,000 products on the shelves of their glamorous store. Not only do they offer prestige products at the high end of the budget, but also products easily affordable for the cost conscience shopper. Selections from Estee Lauder and Mac to ELF and Maybelline are on display with Beauty Advisors close at hand to guide you through the decision-making process. Ulta employs 53,000 people nationally, of which over 18,000 are full time, in their 45,000 retail outlets and distribution centers across the US.  Currently in Bullhead City they are seeking to complement their existing staff with positions open for Beauty Advisors, Prestige Beauty Advisors and Hair Stylists. 

Yes, Ulta sees beauty from the outside in, but also from the heart. Toward this end they are actively involved in local and national charitable organizations that support women, children and communities as a whole through financial aid, volunteerism and internships. In 2009 Ulta began philanthropic efforts by partnering with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and hope to reach their goal of $50 million in donations by 2024. In 2016 the Ulta Beauty Charitable Foundation was established to broaden their reach. The Associate Relief Program is one such initiative. It assists associates facing unforeseen financial hardship whether through natural disasters or personal grievous illness. Their presence in Bullhead City will be a great asset to this community.

In 2021 Forbes awarded Ulta as The Best Large Employer and The Best Employer for Diversity. That year they were also listed in the Top 10 as Innovative Company in Retail by Fast Company Magazine.

Whether you’re looking for a special nail color to compliment your new summer sandals or a fresh, easy to manage summer mane, Ulta has you covered. Make-up, make over or make better, Ulta has a product to make you happy.

– Sheryn Smith

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