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June 2024
Volume 24 Issue 4

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Clark County expands rental assistance programs

General, June 2024 | 0 comments

June 2024

LAUGHLIN – Clark County has significantly expanded its rental assistance programs to better support residents facing financial hardships. Effective from early June, these enhancements aim to provide comprehensive financial intervention to families and individuals at risk of eviction. The newly expanded programs include the Eviction Prevention Program and Fixed Income CHAP, tailored to address the specific needs of different demographics.
The Eviction Prevention Program now offers up to twelve months of past due rent and three months of future rent for eligible residents. To qualify, applicants must be at or below 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI) and have a plan to continue making rent payments beyond the assistance period.
The Fixed Income CHAP targets residents on fixed incomes, such as Social Security, Veterans Affairs benefits, pensions, or disability benefits. This program provides up to twelve months of rent and utility assistance to those who have experienced a rent increase in the past year and are at or below 50% of AMI. These expansions reflect Clark County’s commitment to preventing homelessness and supporting housing stability.
Clark County rolls out these enhanced support measures, Laughlin, one of its key communities, is experiencing a mixed start to its 2024 tourism season. Known for its scenic location along the Colorado River and its array of casinos and resorts, Laughlin has seen varied success in attracting visitors.
Laughlin’s economy is heavily reliant on tourism and gaming industries. The median household income in Laughlin stands at approximately $44,359, which is lower than the Nevada median of $71,646. The town’s unemployment rate is higher than the national average, at 8.8% compared to 6.0%. Despite these challenges, the job market is expected to grow by 40.3% over the next decade, outpacing the national projection of 33.5%.
Key attractions in Laughlin continue to draw visitors. The Colorado River offers numerous recreational opportunities, including jet skiing, boat tours, and fishing. The Lake Mohave area is particularly popular for its clear blue waters and sandy beaches, providing excellent opportunities for outdoor activities.
Laughlin’s casinos, such as Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort and Harrah’s Laughlin, have reported steady patronage. These establishments are not only entertainment hubs but also significant employers, contributing to the local economy.
The expanded rental assistance programs are expected to significantly impact communities like Laughlin. By providing crucial support to residents facing eviction, these programs aim to stabilize housing situations and prevent homelessness. This is particularly vital for Laughlin, where the cost of living is lower than the national average, but many residents still struggle with financial insecurity.
Moreover, the continued growth of the tourism sector will likely complement these efforts. The influx of tourists and the subsequent economic activity will create more job opportunities and stimulate local businesses. However, recent reports indicate a mixed start to the tourism season, with some areas seeing a slow recovery in visitor numbers.
Clark County’s proactive steps in expanding rental assistance programs underscore its commitment to supporting residents during times of financial hardship. Coupled with ongoing efforts to boost tourism in Laughlin, these measures are poised to enhance economic stability and community well-being. As Laughlin continues to attract visitors with its array of attractions and events, the economic benefits are expected to ripple through the local economy, fostering growth and prosperity for its residents.
For more detailed information on the expanded programs or to apply for assistance, residents can contact the Clark County Social Service Office at 702-455-4270 or email
–Jeremy Webb

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