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July 2024
Volume 24 Issue 5

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Bullhead City council approves multi-family condominium project near Rotary Park

General, July 2024 | 0 comments

July 2024

BULLHEAD CITY — In a move aimed at addressing the growing housing demand in the area, the Bullhead City Council has approved a new multi-family condominium project near Rotary Park. The decision, made during a council meeting on June 19, 2024, gives the go-ahead for the construction of 25 townhomes and condominiums across four buildings on a 1.19-acre lot located at 490 Riverview Drive.
The project, proposed by local landowner Alejandro Bigochea, represents a significant step towards increasing the availability of multifamily housing in Bullhead City. However, the council’s approval comes with a set of stringent stipulations, primarily focused on enhancing fire safety and improving roadway access.
One of the key requirements is the paving of the access road, which is currently a dirt path on Bureau of Land Management property. This improvement is crucial for ensuring better accessibility for residents and emergency vehicles alike. Additionally, the project must incorporate comprehensive fire suppression systems, including sprinklers, into all buildings.
These safety measures were a focal point of discussion during the council meeting, with Mayor Steve D’Amico and Councilmember Dan Alfonzo expressing particular concern about fire safety given the project’s density. Mayor D’Amico emphasized, “Ensuring fire safety is paramount given the density of this project. We need to guarantee that fire engines can turn around and that there are sufficient suppression measures in place.”
Councilmember Alfonzo echoed these sentiments, stating, “This project is much needed, but we must make sure all fire safety protocols are strictly followed.” He further stressed the importance of balancing the city’s housing needs with the safety of future residents and the surrounding community.
To address these concerns, Planning Manager Johnny Loera provided assurances that the project would only be allowed to proceed if it met all fire department requirements. This includes not only the installation of fire suppression systems but also ensuring adequate access for fire engines, including sufficient space for turnarounds.
The approval of this condominium project comes at a time when Bullhead City, like many areas across the country, is grappling with increased demand for diverse housing options. The addition of 25 new units is expected to provide some relief to the local housing market, offering new options for both current residents and those looking to move to the area.
In addition to the condominium project approval, the council meeting on June 19 saw several other significant decisions made:
Leadership Changes: Dan Alfonzo was appointed as the new vice mayor, bringing fresh perspective to the city’s leadership team.
Commission Appointments: New members were appointed to various city commissions, including the Board of Adjustment, Parks and Recreation Commission, and Planning and Zoning Commission. These appointments ensure continued community involvement in key decision-making processes.
Infrastructure Improvements: The council ratified the purchase of 720 Neptune residential water meters, a move aimed at enhancing the city’s water management infrastructure and improving service to residents.
Zoning Changes: Approval was given for zoning map changes for parcels on Havasupai Drive and Sunbeam Drive. This decision is expected to facilitate further residential development in these areas, contributing to the city’s growth strategy.
Public Health Measures: A five-year lease for pest abatement lab space on Highway 95 was agreed upon, demonstrating the city’s commitment to public health and safety.
Intergovernmental Cooperation: An agreement with Mohave County for prisoner detention services was approved, showcasing inter-county collaboration on law enforcement matters.
Educational Support: A grant to assist local students in need was ratified, underscoring the council’s commitment to supporting education in the community.
The next steps for the condominium project involve close collaboration between the developers and city officials. The project team will need to work diligently to meet all the stipulated requirements, particularly those related to fire safety and road improvements. City officials will be closely monitoring the progress to ensure full compliance with all safety and development standards.
— Jeremy Webb

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