Mohave County
June 2024
Volume 24 Issue 4

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Letter to the Editor

June 2024 | 0 comments

June 2024

I moved to Mohave county a couple of years ago and started occasionally picking up your papers at the post office. I’ve been without a car for a while and out of the loop until someone brought me the April 2024 print, and I wanted to commend you all for including such thoughtful and useful articles, not only in general, but in particular with this publication.
Information on current issues is always useful, but your inclusion of the medical news article on household chemicals increasing risk for certain conditions is spot on, and I hope it will help your readers immensely. I’ve been dealing with multiple chemical sensitivities since the late 90s and have been screaming about things like this to anyone who will listen—additional confirmations from the scientific community should eventually result in changes that will benefit humanity (this is my hope).
I also appreciated the migraine, kombucha, heart test and blood pressure articles.
I am left feeling grateful and just wanted to connect and send some encouragement to your staff, and to thank you all again for continuing to put this little paper out.
Ginger Marcus – Kingman

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