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Heart of Champion award winner Jerry Ambrose of JAVC program, providing vet’s housing, education and hope

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March 2023

Jerry Ambrose Veterans Council of Mohave County Wins Heart of a Champion Award

The Jerry Ambrose Veterans Council (JAVC) of Mohave County was awarded the Heart of a Champion award for their dedication to helping veterans and their families. JAVC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization in Kingman, Arizona, whose mission is to “strengthen veterans and their families through a variety of services, programs, education, and hope.”

JAVC Provides Resources to Veterans in Need

JAVC provides a range of resources to veterans in need, including transitional “HAND UP” housing for homeless veterans, assistance with heating propane and basic appliances, and pre-paid cell phones for emergencies and job searches. They also offer resources such as help with manipulating the VA, medical resources, job training and search, and more.

GEO Group Builds Tiny Homes for Veterans

During a tour of the JAVC facility, two tiny homes were showcased. The homes are built by the GEO Group, a correctional facility in Golden Valley, Arizona. The GEO Group builds the homes for the cost of the materials and donates their labor. The tiny homes are built specifically for the use of veterans in transition.

How to Donate to JAVC

If you are interested in donating to JAVC, you can visit their website and use the following link: You can also contact Dorn Patrick Farrell at (928) 716-3001 for more information.

AZYP awarded significant grant aimed to assist homeless youth

The Arizona Youth Partnership (AZYP) has secured a significant financial boost in its mission to support homeless youth in Mohave County. The non-profit organization has been awarded a $307,000 grant from The Arizona Housing Coalition, part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allocation by the Arizona Department of Housing.

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Arizona residents brace for fallout from University of Arizona’s financial problems

The size of the university’s financial problems has become increasingly alarming in recent months. Initial reports of a multimillion-dollar shortfall have ballooned, with the latest estimates suggesting a deficit potentially exceeding $140 million. It appears this is not simply a one-time budget gap but a deep-seated structural problem with the university spending far more than it brings in each year.

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MCC pioneers new real-world approach to education

Mohave Community College (MCC) is pioneering a new approach to education, focusing on real-world experiences and cross-disciplinary collaboration to better prepare students for the workforce. The initiative, led by MCC Electrical Technology Instructor Michael McKenzie and Carpentry Instructor Dan Underwood, aims to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities that go beyond traditional classroom instruction.

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NPS phases out ‘Trailer Village’ at Cottonwood Cove

The National Park Service (NPS) has set into motion a plan that will see the gradual phasing out of a longstanding trailer park on the shores of Lake Mohave. The Trailer Village at Cottonwood Cove, which has been a fixture in the area since the early 1970s, is set to be completely phased out by 2043. The decision was made as part of a new lease agreement between the NPS and Lake Mead Mohave Adventures— a company that oversees the majority of commercial operations within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

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