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Car camping tips to turn you from novice to professional

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June 2022

Summer is here, and many first-time campers are preparing for an outdoor adventure. For newbies who want to get into nature this season, the easiest and most comfortable way to do that is car camping – no carrying your gear or compromising on what to bring.
If you’re planning your first car camping trip, here are some essential preparation tips:
1) Pack gear that’s smart and convenient
There are three core packing pillars: portable, compact and lightweight. It’s easy to over pack because of the added space you get by using your car. However, it’s important to prioritize gear that will work smarter for you. For instance, gadgets like a digital fuel gauge can make your camping experience more convenient. For your propane-powered essentials, portable grill/stove, lantern, torch, heater or even coffee maker, a pocket-sized fuel gauge, such as the Bernzomatic Digital Fuel Gauge, will save you space, weight and headaches by showing how much fuel is left in your handheld cylinder.
No extra run to the store because you’re guessing how much fuel is left. This Fuel Gauge is compatible with any non-refillable fuel cylinder with CGA600 connection, including Bernzomatic 1 lb. or 14 oz. propane tank. Just as you wouldn’t go on a trip without knowing how much gas is in the car, don’t leave home without a fuel gauge that shows if you’re running low on propane!
2) Location, location, location: You may choose a paid campground because of its easy access to water, public restrooms and even showers, but you will likely need to share the area with other campers. For a walk on the wild(er) side, consider unsupported camping on public lands, called dispersed camping, with no amenities. Wherever you want to go, do your research first. Contact the campground, state park, U.S. Forest Service (USFS) or Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to learn about your desired destination — their rules for reservation requirements, sanitation and waste regulations or campfire permits, and even if they have drinkable water and fountains.
Once you’ve confirmed your campsite location, commercial photographer, director and outdoor expert Forrest Mankins suggests, “Let someone know the details of your trip in advance to stay as trackable as possible, since you’ll be far from a cell signal in the woods.” Mankins adds, “GPS map area you’re visiting to stay oriented and more informed before leaving your cell service. This comes in handy if you need a backup location. The downloaded map can give you enough information on where to find a free spot if a group occupies that spot you were after.”
3) Cook smart: Once you’re settled at the campsite, fueling your adventure with good meals is a key factor. “Prioritize simple and fresh ingredients, easy prep and ease of cleanup. Making dishes like grilled asparagus and chicken breast with sundried tomatoes on a portable propane-powered stove is simple, fast and leaves almost no cleanup at all,” said Mankins.

Some prep time will make the trip smooth and enjoyable, even if it’s just a few miles away from home.

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