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May 2024
Volume 24 Issue 3

Landscape Co. owner Juan Cervantes brings creativity & expertise to his work, to make world a better place

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Let’s Get It Done Landscaping: Making the World a More Beautiful Place

Let’s Get It Done Landscaping is the creation of Juan Cervantes, a local Mohave Valley man who has been interested in making the world a more beautiful place, one garden at a time, since he was a child.

Local Roots

Juan has spent most of his life in Mohave County, attending elementary school, junior high, and graduating from River Valley High School in Mohave Valley. One of his first jobs was working for Java Man, an innovative landscaping firm that did a lot of unusual hardscapes and landscaping jobs around the valley for many years. He learned a lot and developed a love of intricate rock-work within his landscapes.

Passion for Landscaping

“I enjoy a good challenge and a way to express my talents and imagination through landscaping. I feel excited to use my vision to create an exceptional product,” he said.

Experience and Expertise

After trying his hand at starting his own company at the age of 20, which he concedes was an extreme learning experience that didn’t work out for him, he went into another line of work – furniture repair. He earned a Lazy-Boy Certification and worked for ten years in that industry, for Jenner’s for four years and Mattress Land for six years. When he felt no longer challenged, he gave landscaping another try. He went to work for a large landscape company where he felt overqualified. “The owner took advice and tips from me, however the money wasn’t there,” Juan said. “So, I started my own business again.” Let’s Get It Done has been in business for two years now, and Juan is developing a loyal clientele. His vast knowledge of the plants, trees, and shrubs of this area makes him the go-to person when you’re planning your desert garden.

Expert Advice

Many of the trees people plant, although they are desert trees, are not suitable for this environment. He points to the Palo Verde as an example. “Stay away from Palo Verde trees,” Juan cautions. “It’s a soft-wood tree and very fragile. Wind breaks the branches, it’s a ticking time bomb. And what is ironic about that is that Palo Verde is Arizona’s State Tree.” A lot of trees will survive if they have minimum afternoon sun, he explained. Trees like lemon, pomegranate, and almond can make it here if they have afternoon shade. “And you have to fertilize properly. Lemon and other citrus trees have to be fertilized three times a year: before spring, then again in early May and in late September,” he said. “You can’t fertilize in the summer because of the heat, the heat will kill the trees if you fertilize them then.”

Craftsmanship and Customer Satisfaction

Juan says he takes pride in his craftsmanship because he enjoys creating beautiful environments – from lush gardens with trees, shrubs, and flowers to fire pits, water features, and walkways, elegant driveways, and patios. Call Juan Cervantes at Let’s Get It Done for a bid on your gardening and landscaping needs.

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