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Intel’s Arizona Expansion: A Significant Leap Forward in Semiconductor Manufacturing

November 2023 | 0 comments

November 2023

CHANDLER — As Intel Corporation continues to forge ahead with its ambitious expansion in Arizona, the company has reached a crucial construction milestone at its two new leading-edge chip factories on the Ocotillo campus in Chandler. This progress is a testament to Intel’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its pivotal role in bolstering the United States’ position in the global semiconductor industry. The initial portion of the cleanroom, integral to the semiconductor manufacturing process, is now “weather tight,” paving the way for the commencement of the “blow down” phase. This critical step ensures that the cleanroom is meticulously cleared of contaminants, setting the stage for the precision work that will take place on the manufacturing floor. Dan Doron, Intel vice president and general manager of Fab Construction Enterprise, expressed his enthusiasm about reaching this stage, emphasizing the collaborative effort involved: “This milestone represents the result of great teamwork, proficient teams, and exceptional craftsmanship of the tradespeople. We’ve made significant progress on our site while keeping our culture of caring and the safety of all as our top priority.” The construction site is buzzing with activity, housing a daily workforce of 6,000 tradespeople who have collectively dedicated over 10 million job hours to the project. Their efforts have resulted in the pouring of 342,000 yards of concrete and the construction of more than a mile of steel trestles. Intel’s commitment to sustainability shines through in its construction practices, with over 25,000 tons of construction debris diverted from Arizona’s waste streams in 2023 alone, aligning with the company’s goal to recycle at least 90% of its construction waste. Grace Appelbe, Executive Director of the Arizona Manufacturers Council, commended Intel’s dedication to sustainable practices: “Intel is not only a leader in the manufacture of semiconductors but also a sustainability leader. Whether by recycling its construction waste, conserving and restoring water, or relying on green energy sources, Intel is setting the example for sustainable manufacturing.” As Intel navigates through these challenging times in the semiconductor industry, the progress at the Ocotillo campus stands as a beacon of innovation and resilience. The company’s unwavering commitment to Arizona, its workforce, and sustainable practices continues to drive the project forward, promising a brighter future for semiconductor manufacturing in the United States.

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