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Laughlin Bullhead International Airport Misses Out on 2023 SCASD Grant

November 2023 | 0 comments

November 2023

BULLHEAD CITY— The Laughlin Bullhead International Airport (LBIA) has faced a setback as it was not selected for the 2023 Small Community Air Service Development (SCASD) grant by the Department of Transportation. This news was shared during the Mohave County Airport Authority Board’s regular meeting, where various grant updates were discussed. The SCASD grant is a crucial funding source for airports, aiding in the promotion of existing services and the acquisition of new airlines and flights. This year, 20 airports across 16 states were fortunate to receive the SCASD grants. Lance Ross, the chair of the Air Service Development and Marketing Committee, highlighted the importance of local funding in securing these grants, noting that 15 of the 20 recipients had substantial local funding, whether from the public or private sector. In 2017, the LBIA successfully generated nearly $600,000 in public and private funds to secure service through American Airlines. This achievement has set a precedent, and board members are now considering approaching stakeholders and local businesses to regenerate funding for future opportunities. The next round of funding is expected to be available in less than six months, and the board is keen on being prepared. Despite this setback, the board remains proactive. They have renewed the Volaire Consulting agreement for two years, ensuring continued focus on securing air service development opportunities. The board is also actively managing various Federal Aviation and Arizona Department of Transportation grant-funded projects, including the significant $4.8 million FAA Taxiway A Rehabilitation project, now scheduled for next year. The board has also initiated the formation of two new committees: the Airport Terminal Program Committee and the General Aviation Committee. These committees will play a vital role in assisting the airport in applying for and managing future grants, including the $40 million FY 2024 ATP-Bipartisan Infrastructure Law grant for the airport terminal. Despite the disappointment of not receiving the SCASD grant this year, the Laughlin Bullhead International Airport and the Mohave County Airport Authority Board are demonstrating resilience and a proactive approach to ensuring the airport’s growth and development. With a focus on securing funding, managing ongoing projects, and engaging with the community, the LBIA is poised for future success and continued service to the Bullhead City community. – Jeremy Webb

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