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New bridge to strengthen local connection between Laughlin and Bullhead City

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May 2023

Laughlin, NV – Our communities eagerly await the highly anticipated Laughlin-Bullhead City Bridge Project, which is progressing steadily towards its expected completion date of January 5, 2024. The project, a collaboration between Clark County Public Works, federal, state, and local agencies, aims to connect the neighboring cities of Laughlin, Nevada, and Bullhead City, Arizona, over the Colorado River.

Notice to Proceed and Project Details

Last November, Clark County Public Works issued a Notice to Proceed to Fisher Sand and Gravel to start the construction of the bridge. The bridge, spanning 724 feet in length and standing approximately 35 feet above water, will feature precast concrete girders on drilled shaft foundations. When completed, the bridge will carry four lanes of traffic and a multi-use path for cyclists and pedestrians. In the interim, the bridge will be striped for two lanes of traffic and a multi-use path.

Funding and Construction Oversight

The $52.4 million project is funded by contributions from Clark County ($27.1 million), the federal government ($20.8 million), and Bullhead City ($4.5 million). Construction oversight is provided by a group of companies, including WSP, 4LEAF Consulting, Aztech Materials Testing, Newfields Environmental, Ninyo & Moore, and VTN.

Relocation and Approach Road

Originally, the second bridge connecting Laughlin and Bullhead City was planned to be located on Riverview Drive, the closest possible point. However, the federal government would not grant “de minimus” status to the project on the north side of Bullhead’s Rotary Park, meaning that even a small amount of impact on the park would not be exempt from restrictions or requirements. As a result, the project had to be relocated to its current location with an approach road constructed to provide vehicular access to the bridge from Needles Highway in Nevada and Bullhead Parkway in Arizona.

Benefits of the New Bridge

The new bridge is designed to enhance economic exchange between our two river communities by providing easier access to shopping, services, and entertainment on both sides of the river. Additionally, it will improve emergency vehicle access and relieve traffic on the existing Laughlin Bridge, built in 1987 and located eight miles north of the project site.

Approach Roads

Approach roads will connect the bridge to Needles Highway in Nevada and Bullhead Parkway in Arizona. The two-lane approach from Needles Highway to the Colorado River Bridge will span 3.5 miles, while a 0.2-mile approach will run parallel to the Anderson Field House on the Arizona side of the river.


The new Laughlin-Bullhead City Bridge Project is a significant infrastructure investment that will enhance connectivity between the neighboring cities of Laughlin, Nevada, and Bullhead City, Arizona. With the project progressing steadily towards completion, local communities can look forward to the economic, transportation, and emergency response benefits that the new bridge will provide.

– Jeremy Webb

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