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Laughlin-Bullhead City Bridge Opening June 7th

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November 2023

Update APRIL 2024:

The second bridge connecting Bullhead City, Arizona, to Laughlin, Nevada, is scheduled to open on June 7th, 2024.


The recent work on the new bridge between Laughlin and Bullhead City has focused on depositing and compacting tens of thousands of tons of dirt for the Arizona-side approach ramp. Fisher Sand and Gravel Company is building the road base to match the height of the bridge on both sides of the river. While there’s no official completion date yet, the expectation is for the bridge and a 3.5-mile connecting road on the Nevada side to be ready by spring 2024.

The Laughlin-Bullhead City Bridge project, undertaken by Fisher Sand and Gravel with oversight by various consulting firms, aims to construct a 724-foot long bridge over the Colorado River. This structure, elevated about 35 feet above water, will eventually carry four lanes of traffic and a multi-use path, though it will initially be striped for two lanes of traffic and a multi-use path. The project, which began construction following a Notice to Proceed issued on November 8, 2021, connects Needles Highway in Nevada to Bullhead Parkway in Arizona​​.

Original Article from November 2023:

LAUGHLIN/BULLHEAD – The bridge connecting Laughlin, Nevada, and Bullhead City, Arizona, is nearing completion, with Bullhead Mayor Steve D’Amico estimating the opening date as January 5, 2024. This bridge will ease travel across the Colorado River and is expected to boost local economies.
Initiated by a partnership between Clark County Public Works, federal, state, and local agencies, the construction began last November. Fisher Sand and Gravel were given the green light to start the project, which features a 724-foot long bridge standing about 35 feet above water. Once completed, it will have four traffic lanes and a path for cyclists and pedestrians, improving the connection between Laughlin and Bullhead City.
The $52.4 million project is funded by Clark County ($27.1 million), the federal government ($20.8 million), and Bullhead City ($4.5 million). Several firms, including WSP, 4LEAF Consulting, Aztech Materials Testing, Newfields Environmental, Ninyo & Moore, and VTN, are overseeing the construction to ensure quality and safety.
The bridge’s location was chosen after revising initial plans due to federal restrictions near Bullhead’s Rotary Park. Now, with approach roads from Needles Highway in Nevada and Bullhead Parkway in Arizona, the location promises better accessibility for both cities.
This new bridge is more than just a route over the river; it’s a gateway for better economic interactions, easier access to shopping, services, entertainment, and improved emergency response. The existing Laughlin Bridge, built in 1987, is expected to see less traffic, making travel smoother for residents and visitors.
Mayor D’Amico’s recent visit to the bridge, shared on his Facebook post on October 17, 2023, reflects the community’s excitement and anticipation for this project. As the bridge nears its opening date, the communities of Laughlin and Bullhead City are looking forward to a new era of improved local connectivity and economic cooperation.
The ongoing construction work, with the nearly completed bridge in sight, shows the collaborative effort of all involved, promising a stronger bond between the neighboring cities.

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