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May 2024
Volume 24 Issue 3

Entrata shaping future of Mohave County

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February 2024

MOHAVE — A major general plan amendment and several zoning requests for a master-planned community named “Entrata” have been preliminarily approved by the Mohave County Planning and Zoning Commission. This substantial development, poised to transform the northern part of Mohave County, covers an extensive 10,100 acres, strategically located near White Hills and south of Dolan Springs along U.S. 93.
Entrata is envisioned as a multifaceted project combining residential, educational, recreational, and commercial elements. It plans to encompass a variety of homes, schools, parks, and business establishments, potentially reshaping the region’s economic and social landscape. A notable component of the development is the inclusion of a cargo airport, a strategic addition given its proximity to U.S. 93 and the anticipated logistics and transportation needs of the area.
The project, projected to unfold over a span of 20 to 50 years, is a significant undertaking. It symbolizes a long-term commitment to the economic development and modernization of Northern Mohave County. Entrata’s planners and developers aim to address the local community’s expressed needs for enhanced services, employment opportunities, and improved amenities.
Kathy Tackett-Hicks, acting as the project applicant/agent, has emphasized the development’s potential to fulfill the longstanding desires of Dolan Springs and White Hills residents for better infrastructure and services. These include improved roads, enhanced law enforcement presence, and the establishment of essential services like grocery stores and banks, which are currently lacking in these areas.
The Entrata project also represents a unique business opportunity, as highlighted by Al Barbarich, the owner of the property designated for the development. He has expressed a focus on leveraging the project to capitalize on logistics, regional distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing opportunities. This aligns with the increasing demand at Harry Reid International in Las Vegas and the growth potential along the I-11 corridor.
Barbarich sees the Entrata development as a tactical move, emphasizing the significance of the I-11 corridor for logistics and manufacturing. He said, “We’ve got a unique opportunity along the I-11 corridor to institute logistics, regional distribution, warehousing, manufacturing and really create good high-paying jobs, new tax revenue, expanding the tax base and brand-new infrastructure.” This perspective underscores the project’s potential to not only create a new community but also to significantly boost the local economy.
Further, the development of the cargo airport within Entrata is a critical factor. It positions the area as a key player in regional and possibly national logistics networks. The airport’s capacity to handle cargo efficiently will be a boon for businesses requiring quick and reliable shipping routes, thereby attracting more investment into the area.
Moreover, the development of Entrata aligns with broader regional economic trends. As nearby urban centers like Las Vegas continue to grow, the demand for logistic hubs in the vicinity increases. Entrata, with its planned infrastructure and key location, is well-positioned to meet this growing demand, potentially positioning Mohave County as a critical node in the Southwest’s logistical network.
Residents of Dolan Springs and White Hills have long voiced their need for improved amenities and services. Tackett-Hicks reiterated this sentiment, stating, “The residents of Dolan Springs and White Hills have consistently discussed over the years the need for better roads in that area, better sheriff’s protection. They don’t have a grocery store. There’s no bank up there. There are all sorts of service things that need to be added or that people would enjoy and the Entrata development does provide many of those things.”
However, the project also faces concerns from some local residents. Steven Ulman, a combat veteran, expressed worries about the potential disruption to the tranquil environment he cherishes. He questioned the need for another airport in the area, saying, “You have an airport 30 minutes north. You have an airport 30 minutes south. Why do you need an airport right there? Why ruin what’s left of nature and beauty and the stars will go away.”
Echoing similar sentiments, Leroy Edelman, another resident, voiced his preference for maintaining the area’s quiet and rural lifestyle. He said, “We have enough cities. Where are people like us supposed to go for our quality of life that don’t want the shopping, the airports?”
Despite these concerns, many area citizens have spoken in favor of the project. Kingman resident Don Martin emphasized the need for objective consideration of such developments. He stated, “We’re kind of caught up in this hysteria about all these projects being promoted here in Mohave County — the hydrogen, the solar panels. I think that in order to be fair we’ve got to give everybody an equal chance and opportunity and look at each one of these opportunities, these proposals, not in a blanket thing but look at them individually. Look at them on the merits and if there’s problems, look at those, too.”
The Entrata development in Northern Mohave County, while addressing critical local needs, is also a testament to the region’s potential for economic diversification and growth. The project’s blend of residential, commercial, educational, and recreational elements, alongside the unique inclusion of a cargo airport, is poised to create a dynamic environment conducive to both living and working.
This development is seen as a catalyst for change, bringing new infrastructure and opportunities to an area that has long awaited such transformation. The strategic location along the U.S. 93 corridor further enhances its potential as a hub for logistics and manufacturing, promising to attract a variety of businesses and industries to the region.
Local authorities and planners are working to ensure that Entrata will be a well-integrated, sustainable community, reflecting the needs and aspirations of its residents. The project’s multi-decade timeline underscores the commitment to thoughtful and progressive development, with an eye on long-term benefits for Mohave County.
— Jeremy Webb

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