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May 2024
Volume 24 Issue 3

Bullhead police department engages

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January 2024

BULLHEAD CITY — In 2023, the Bullhead City Police Department distinguished itself not only through its law enforcement duties but also through its profound engagement with the community. Under the leadership of Chief Robert Trebes, the department embraced a philosophy of service-oriented policing, aiming to create a safer environment while fostering a strong relationship with citizens. This year saw a series of innovative programs and events that not only highlighted the department’s commitment to public safety but also showcased its dedication to building bridges with the community it serves.
Chief Robert Trebes articulated the department’s ethos, emphasizing their community-centric approach: “Our department believes in the service-oriented policing philosophy and we accomplish this mission by actively listening to our citizens and engage in education to the public through programs like Neighborhood Watch, PACT Academy, and many other special events.” This statement underscores the department’s commitment to working in tandem with the citizens of Bullhead City, ensuring that their policing methods are in harmony with the community’s needs and values.
A standout initiative was the ‘Shop with a Cop’ event, a heartwarming program where over 100 children in need paired up with police officers for a Christmas shopping experience. This December tradition began with a communal breakfast and continued with a parade of patrol cars to Wal-Mart, where each child was given a $100 gift card. The event was more than just a festive spree; it was a unique opportunity for these young citizens to form positive connections with law enforcement, building trust and mutual understanding in a joyful atmosphere.
The department’s involvement with the community extended beyond seasonal celebrations. They marked the 16th year of the ‘Walk Away from Drugs & 5K run’ as part of the Red Ribbon campaign, a nationwide drug prevention program. This event symbolizes the community’s united stand against drug abuse and fosters awareness and solidarity in combatting drug-related issues.
In addition to these larger events, the department hosted several ‘Community Connection Events’ throughout the year, such as ‘Coffee with a Cop’, National Donut Day, and gatherings on National Hot Dog Day. Chief Trebes highlighted the importance of these events: “The majority of contacts law enforcement has with the public happen during emergencies, or emotional situations. These situations are not always the most effective times for relationship building with the community.” He emphasized that such events help break down barriers and allow for more relaxed, one-on-one interactions between officers and residents.
Another significant event organized by the Bullhead City Police and Fire Departments was the National Night Out, held on October 4. This event, part of America’s largest crime prevention initiative, was designed to enhance relationships between neighbors and law enforcement, reinforcing the department’s commitment to fostering a sense of community and safety.
The Bullhead City Police Department also placed a strong emphasis on youth engagement and education, as evidenced by the 27th Annual Carrie Edgmon Bicycle Safety Rodeo. This event, held on March 18th, encouraged children to learn essential safety skills while navigating through obstacle courses on bikes, scooters, and trikes. Before participating, each child received free bicycle registration, and their bikes underwent inspections and adjustments by the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), supported by the Kiwanis Morning Club. This event, sponsored by multiple community organizations, underscored the department’s commitment to fostering safety awareness from a young age.
In their ongoing mission to protect and serve, the department maintained a vigilant approach to crime prevention. This involved not only patrolling and law enforcement but also educating the public on safety practices and crime prevention strategies. Officers frequently engaged with community members to discuss security measures, personal safety, and the importance of vigilance and reporting suspicious activities. Such interactions were crucial in empowering residents to play an active role in their own safety and the security of their neighborhood.
Traffic safety was another cornerstone of the department’s 2023 initiatives. Officers undertook rigorous enforcement of traffic laws to curb speeding, impaired driving, and other dangerous behaviors on the roads. These efforts were pivotal in reducing traffic accidents and enhancing overall road safety for all Bullhead City residents. The department’s commitment to traffic safety extended beyond enforcement; it also included educational outreach to promote responsible driving habits among the public.
Chief Trebes summarized the department’s multifaceted mission, stating, “Our mission is to protect life and property, enforce all laws and ordinances in a fair and impartial manner, respond to each citizen’s request for service, promote crime prevention awareness and traffic safety, and seek equitable solutions to community problems.” This comprehensive approach to law enforcement, balancing enforcement with fairness and community engagement, has been instrumental in maintaining public trust and safety.
Throughout 2023, the Bullhead City Police Department’s approach to law enforcement was characterized by a harmonious blend of community-oriented policing and effective crime prevention. Their efforts not only addressed immediate law enforcement needs but also focused on building long-term relationships with the community. By fostering trust and understanding, the department has enhanced the quality of life for the residents of Bullhead City.
As 2024 gets started, the Bullhead City Police Department looks back on a year marked by significant achievements and community collaboration. Their commitment to public safety, combined with their dedication to community engagement, sets a high standard for law enforcement agencies. The department’s efforts in building a safer, more connected community have indeed made a lasting impact, making Bullhead City a model of effective and compassionate policing.
—Jeremy Webb

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