Mohave County
June 2024
Volume 24 Issue 4

Should we boycott Bullhead City?

Editorial, June 2024 | 0 comments

June 2024

The leadership of Bullhead City has once again imposed their myopic, elitist attitudes upon the area residents outside the boundaries of the city limits.
Bullhead City, declaring May 10 “the official start of the summer season,” has once again imposed a parking fee for “visitors who are not residents of Bullhead City.” The press release from the city does not specify which park. Based on prior actions by the city, I assume the fee applies only to Community Park.
This year, residents of Laughlin and Fort Mohave are being “offered” the opportunity to purchase a parking pass for $50. The parking pass does include a free bag of ice and other coupons from The River Shop.
Why are area residents outside of the city limits being treated as second and third class? Some people may claim that non-city residents don’t pay taxes in Bullhead City. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The city derives a majority of their income from sales taxes. The schools, fire department, and a few other services are funded through property taxes. The parks are funded by the cities general fund which comes from sales taxes.
Maybe it’s time to let the cities leaders know just how much we “non-residents” contribute to the city coffers.
If all the residents of the tri-state area outside of Bullhead City kept our shopping and dining dollars out of Bullhead City, maybe the city leaders will see just how much we actually contribute to the cities economy.
However, just not spending our money in Bullhead City isn’t enough. It would take too long for the city’s budget to be affected.
We need to let the local business and restaurant owners know we won’t be purchasing from them. The business owners will then put pressure on the city leadership to change their thoughts on this inane policy.
– Concerned Tri-State Resident

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