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Arizona Veterans Newsletter issues report for month of March

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March 2023

Arizona Veterans Newsletter for March: Caregiver Program, Housing Shortage, State Veterans Homes, and More

Caregiver Program for Veterans’ Families

Attention caregivers! If you need resources or have questions, call 211’s Caregiver Program at (602) 599-0110 for more information.

Affordable Housing Shortage

There is a shortage of available and affordable housing in Arizona, with a statewide shortage of over 270,000 and Mohave County estimating over 10,000. If you have a property that is not being used and would want to provide a reasonable rental fee, contact Dorn Patrick Farrell, President of JAVC, by email with the location and contact details.

State Veterans Homes in Arizona

The Arizona State Veterans Home in Flagstaff has opened. Call (602) 234-5678 for admissions and (602) 781-7032 for employment. Veterans receiving over 70% VA compensation are free, and payment assistance is available. A State Veterans Home is also coming to Mohave County within two years.

Resources for Arizona Veterans

Visit the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services website for a wealth of information on employment opportunities, assistance programs, filing claims, and benefits.

New Director for Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services

Wanda Wright has moved on as the past Director of Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services. The new Director, Dana Allmond, has taken her place and is eager to continue the agency’s great relationship with veterans in the state.

Update on Lantus for Diabetes Treatment

Insulin Glargine has replaced Lantus as a diabetes treatment option. Check your health plan for any changes, as some require a visit to your primary care provider for a new prescription.

Transitional Housing for Homeless Veterans

The Arnold Plaza building is being converted to a Transitional Housing Unit for 25 homeless veterans. The project is expected to be completed by May 1.

JAVC Services and Programs

JAVC provides veterans and their immediate families with individual assistance, works with Mohave County Veterans Treatment Courts, supports Veterans Stand Downs and Resource Fairs, and operates a 25-bed Transitional Housing program. JAVC relies on grants and donations to provide services to veterans and is a qualified charitable organization for directing state tax dollars.

Volunteer Opportunities

To volunteer, email with “VOLUNTEER” as the subject. You can also visit JAVC’s website to sign up as a member for $20 a year or a $100 lifetime membership. JAVC collaborates with more than 50 different organizations, agencies, and governments to support veterans in Mohave County.

Veterans double benefits for education

Per a Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General (VAOIG) report, veterans who are enrolled at the same time in two different education programs are receiving housing allowance benefits from both

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