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Scavenger hunts produced by Alley Kat Adventures in Lake Havasu throughout October

October 2023 | 0 comments

October 2023

LAKE HAVASU CITY – It’s time to unleash your adventurous side with Alley Kat Adventures!  Alley Cat Adventures has created interactive entertaining scavenger hunts that everyone can enjoy.. 
Alley Kat Adventures was founded by Kathryn Nelson.  The actress and former teacher started the organization in 2018.  Since then, Alley Kat Adventures has expanded.  The company hosts many hunts in the U.S. throughout the year. Alley Kat Adventures is number three in the world. 
They are also affiliated with Airbnb. Your next question might be, how do these scavenger hunts work? The games usually start at a venue favorite among locals. 
A digital quest will be presented by their interactive host.  Then it will be time to hit the ground running and experience a wide range of locations in Lake Havasu. The hunt can either be done while walking or driving to checkpoints as you come into contact with fun and creative challenges.   These scavenger hunts can be inside or outdoors.
You are allowed to text pictures and video to the remote host.  The host can help out and also cheer you on.  With two teams there will be one captain.  Each journey is heavily interactive and participation is a must.  Some hunts could involve more than one person, in other words, the “stars” of the activity. 
The games are also rapid and designed to give you an adrenaline rush.  Let’s just say, you will get to know people pretty well through these games. Whoever has the highest score wins amongst the teams.  Teams can receive a variety of awards in the end. 
For those over achievers, you’ll be rewarded for effort.  The hunts will have you thinking on your toes as the games can involve networking and creativity. 
The Lake Havasu Hustle Scavenger Hunt could include tasting missions, current trends, gratitude, and much more. 
How do Alley Kat Adventures work with City hunts?  You will need a smartphone that can get GPS, camera access, internet, and a charger.  Maybe some spending money too, if needed.  The city hunts go on no matter the weather conditions so for Lake Havasu, water, sunscreen, hats, and comfortable shoes are encouraged. 
Large teams are welcome.  Alley Kat Adventures can host up to 100 people at once.  Teams with fifty participants or more will have roughly around four teams or more.  Each team will need a leader.  Six or more hunts could be completed with these larger groups. 
Alley Kat Adventures offers virtual, public, and private hunts. It’s also a unique idea for birthdays, corporate groups, and tourist.  They also offer custom designed scavenger hunts.
Alley Kat Adventures will be hosting a variety of Scavenger hunts throughout the whole month of October in Lake Havasu City.  Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by visiting To learn more about Alley Kat Adventures or to book your own hunts, visit
– Phaedra Pinkston

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