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May 2024
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Bullhead City Council approves Emerald Bay development

May 2024 | 0 comments

May 2024

BULLHEAD CITY — The Bullhead City Council voted 7-0 to grant conceptual approval to the Emerald Bay development, an expansive luxury resort and residential community proposed along the Colorado River.
Situated at the northwest corner of Highway 95 and Bullhead Parkway in Bullhead City, Arizona, the Emerald Bay development strategically capitalizes on its prime location near the Anderson Fieldhouse and the new bridge set to open in June 2024. This accessible spot enhances the project’s potential and offers scenic vistas of the surrounding area, including the Colorado River..
The nearly 500-acre project is set to include a suite of high-end amenities anchored by The Legacy Club at Emerald Bay, a premier golf facility featuring an 18-hole championship course, a 9-hole par-3 course, clubhouses, and related amenities. The Legacy Club will be managed by KemperSports, a leading operator of top-tier golf destinations across the country.
Adjacent to the golf component, plans call for a 250,000 square foot resort hotel and spa complex, offering guests a luxurious waterfront retreat. A beach club, marina, and racquet club are also slated to round out the recreational offerings, catering to a variety of interests.
The development aims to attract high-level athletes with a proposed 150,000 square foot sports science boarding school targeting middle and high school students. This unique facility is expected to draw talented young sportspeople to live and train in Bullhead City.
On the residential front, Emerald Bay is envisioned to offer a range of upscale housing options. The current plans include 310 luxury single-family homes, 105 condo villas, and 600 multifamily condo units. This mix is designed to appeal to both permanent residents and seasonal visitors seeking premium accommodations along the riverfront.
To support the development, a host of commercial amenities are also planned, such as a gas station, convenience store, and boat storage facilities. These elements will provide residents and guests with convenient access to essential services.
The Emerald Bay proposal sparked significant debate within the Bullhead City community prior to its approval. Residents expressed concerns about the potential impact of such a large influx of high-end homes on the socio-economic character of the area.
As reported by the Rose Law Group Reporter, one speaker at the city council meeting noted that “Emerald Bay will be a massive development of multi-million-dollar homes situated in a community with a median household income of less than $60K/year.” This sentiment underscored fears about growing economic disparities.
Environmental considerations were also raised during public discussions. Residents highlighted the need to carefully study and mitigate the development’s effects on local water resources, infrastructure capacity, and the delicate riparian ecosystem along the Colorado River.
On the other hand, proponents of Emerald Bay emphasized the project’s potential economic benefits for Bullhead City. Supporters, including some city council members, pointed to the jobs, tourism dollars, and tax revenues the development could generate as key reasons to move forward.
Analysts project that the multi-year construction process could create thousands of employment opportunities across sectors such as hospitality, retail, services, and construction. Once operational, Emerald Bay is expected to be a significant driver of tourist spending, providing a boost to businesses throughout the area.
With conceptual approval now secured, the developers behind Emerald Bay will need to navigate a series of regulatory requirements before construction can begin. This process will include detailed environmental impact studies, zoning approvals, permitting, and more.
Given the scale of the project, buildout is anticipated to unfold over several years in multiple phases. The pace of construction will likely be influenced by market demand and absorption rates for the various residential and commercial components. Sustainable building practices and environmental safeguards are expected to be core requirements.
The Emerald Bay development is notably coinciding with the construction of a second bridge spanning the Colorado River to connect Bullhead City, Arizona with Laughlin, Nevada. This infrastructure improvement is expected to enhance the connectivity and economic integration of the two riverfront communities.
For Bullhead City, the approval of Emerald Bay represents a pivotal moment in its development as a destination. While questions remain about the project’s ultimate impacts, it is undeniably a major step towards crafting a new identity for the city focused on luxury living, recreation, and tourism. As Emerald Bay takes shape in the coming years, its progress will be closely watched by stakeholders across the region.
—Jeremy Webb

Jeremy Webb

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