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Voters to decide fate of Proposition 400 Arizona’s major transportation funding source

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August 2023

PHOENIX – As the expiration of Proposition 400 looms, Arizona lawmakers and voters are set to decide the fate of the half-cent sales tax that has been a significant source of funding for freeways and highways in Maricopa County since 1985. The proposition, touted as the “Largest economic development package in Arizona history,” is up for renewal, with 68% of voters in favor and 26% opposed, according to recent polls.
Proposition 400, which is set to expire in 2025, has been described as being on “life support,” with its future remaining uncertain, according to a report by Axios. The tax has been in place since 1985, and its extension would apply to nearly every public water provider in the United States.
However, the proposition has faced opposition, particularly from Republicans who have excluded railways from the proposed extension. Governor Katie Hobbs has voiced concerns about the tax on rent included in the proposition, stating she will ban it if it remains.
“The terms of this proposed settlement are inadequate and will not allow water providers to appropriately address the harms caused by PFAS chemicals,” Hobbs said, according to AZCentral. “Even worse, water providers may be forced to reimburse 3M for costs down the line. This unserious proposal should be rejected, and 3M should go back to the drawing board and propose a fair settlement that meets the needs of communities across the country.”
Despite the opposition, the proposition’s extension was passed by Arizona Republicans and sent to Governor Hobbs for signature, as reported by ABC15. The extension would fund transportation projects in Maricopa County for the next 20 years, pending voter approval.
As lawmakers return to the Capitol, they are expected to take on Proposition 400, according to the Arizona Capitol Times. The outcome of these discussions could have significant implications for the future of transportation and highway upgrades in Maricopa County.
The fate of Proposition 400 now lies in the hands of voters, who will decide whether to continue the half-cent sales tax that has been a cornerstone of transportation funding in Maricopa County for nearly four decades.
–Jeremy Webb

AZYP awarded significant grant aimed to assist homeless youth

The Arizona Youth Partnership (AZYP) has secured a significant financial boost in its mission to support homeless youth in Mohave County. The non-profit organization has been awarded a $307,000 grant from The Arizona Housing Coalition, part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allocation by the Arizona Department of Housing.

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Arizona residents brace for fallout from University of Arizona’s financial problems

The size of the university’s financial problems has become increasingly alarming in recent months. Initial reports of a multimillion-dollar shortfall have ballooned, with the latest estimates suggesting a deficit potentially exceeding $140 million. It appears this is not simply a one-time budget gap but a deep-seated structural problem with the university spending far more than it brings in each year.

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