Mohave County
May 2024
Volume 24 Issue 3

Kingman Young Marines learn about Pearl Harbour

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January 2024

Eight Seven members of the Kingman Young Marines joined with other units from around the nation who came together to honor the service of our WWII service members, past and present during the 85th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
As part of the Pearl Harbor program Young Marines participated in Wreath-laying at the National Memorial of the Pacific, carried banners in the Pearl Harbor Day Memorial Parade and helped man the many floats that paid tribute to the survivors and family members of those who died on December 7th 1941.
The Kingman Young Marines had one added experience as they spent the night aboard the battleship USS Missouri, nicknamed the “Might Mo” and learned about her experience during WWII.
The Kingman Young Marines wish to thank the members of the Kingman Community for their donations and support that made this educational trip possible.
—Terry Flanagan

Terry Flanagan
Dean W. Reiter Detachment 887
Marine Corps League

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