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May 2024
Volume 24 Issue 3

City Slurry Crews Begin Overnight Work Sunday with Significant Road Closures

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February 2024

BULLHEAD CITY, AZ., February 28, 2023 – Hancock Road from Highway 95 to Colorado Blvd will be closed one section at a time Beginning Sunday, March 03, at 8 p.m. while City street maintenance crews work overnight to apply a slurry seal as a part of the City Street Maintenance Program (CSMP). A second lift of slurry will be applied the following week in the same order.  

Both east and westbound traffic will be detoured around the maintenance during the road closures. No vehicles will be allowed to drive on the slurry while it sets. Businesses and homeowners will need to make accommodations to avoid driving on the slurry. Overnight work will be completed, and roads will be reopened by 6 a.m. the following day.

The street maintenance on Hancock is scheduled as follows:

  • Sunday, March 3 & 10: Hancock Rd from Clearwater Dr to Colorado Blvd.
  • Monday, March 4 & 11: Hancock Rd from Langford Dr to Clearwater Dr.
  • Tuesday, March 5 & 12: Hancock Rd from Highland Dr to Langford Dr.
  • Wednesday, March 6 & 13: Hancock Rd from Highway 95 to Highland Rd.

In addition to the work on Hancock Rd, City Street Maintenance Crews will proceed to slurry Individual lanes of Riverview Dr overnight from Highway 95 to Riviera Blvd one lane at a time on the evenings of Thursday, March 7, Friday, March 8, and Thursday, March 14. East and westbound traffic will be able to flow during the scheduled maintenance. However, traffic will not be allowed to drive across the wet slurry. Homeowners on the north side of Riverview Dr will need to make accommodations the evening of Thursday, March 7, to avoid driving across the maintenance that will run alongside their property. Homeowners on the south side of Riverview Dr will need to make accommodations for the evening of Friday, March 8, while slurry maintenance runs along their property.

The street maintenance on Riverview Dr is scheduled as follows.

  • Thursday, March 7: Riverview Dr eastbound lane from Highway 95 to Riviera Blvd
  • Friday, March 8: Riverview Dr westbound lane from Highway 95 to Rivera Blvd
  • Thursday, March 14: Riverview Dr center lane from Highway 95 to Rivera Blvd

“Street maintenance crews switch to night work during the warmer months of spring and fall to allow the slurry to set quicker in the milder temperatures,” said Bullhead Public Information Officer Mackenzie Covert. “Working at night is also ideal for arterial streets and roadways that are heavily driven during the daytime, and our crews are taking advantage of that to provide maintenance on these heavily driven streets with as little impact on traffic as possible.”

The City Street Maintenance Program is an annual project to treat more than 20% of the City’s roadway with slurry or microsurface each year. The program preserves and improves city roadways, extending their life for many years and saving costs. For more information on the City Street Maintenance Program or to review the complete list of streets scheduled for maintenance, visit

Please use caution while traveling through City work zones and obey posted signage and traffic control devices.

Questions about ongoing projects throughout the city can be directed to Mackenzie Covert, Public Information Officer, at or (928) 763-0182.

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