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Lower your stress, improve your health

Health | 0 comments

June 2022

BULLHEAD CITY –Everyone experiences stress, in our personal lives and in response to national and international crises, but how it’s managed can impact your chances of developing serious health conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, dementia and stroke.
Through healthy lifestyle habits, and sometimes professional help, you can reduce your daily stress, leading to better overall health. Stress is the natural response to a perceived threat. When exposed to a stressor, the hormone cortisol is released, sending the body into “fight or

flight.” While stress is a normal occurrence, it can become constant, negatively affecting every-day activities and leaving you more susceptible to chronic inflammation and life-altering diseases.
Local primary-care physician LuDane Simmons, MD, said it is important to understand what causes stress and to take steps to manage stress to protect your long-term health. “Chronic stress can take a major toll on the body,” says Dr. Simmons. “With a few easy lifestyle changes, stress can be easily controlled, lowering the risk of heart disease, stroke and other conditions.”
Dr. Simmons recommends five habits to help reduce stress:

  • Exercise daily: The American Heart Association reports only 2.5 hours of moderate exercise a week can reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s.
  • Eat healthy: Break the “stress eating” habit and adopt a balanced diet that includes vegetables and healthy fats. Try planning healthy meals ahead of time to avoid reaching for unhealthy snacks when hunger – or stress -strikes.
  • Get enough sleep: For adults, experts recommend sleeping seven to nine hours a day.
  • Practice self-care: Take time to relax and recharge through your favorite activities and mindfulness techniques like meditation.
  • Ask for help: Unfortunately, stress can become overwhelming. Physicians and mental health professionals can provide you with tools to help manage stress and feel better.

“Exercising outdoors is harder during the summer months in our area. While you may want to hibernate when temperatures climb into the 100s, it is even more important that you continue to be active,” Dr. Simmons says. “Make the commitment for an early morning walk, join a gym, or go to the pool. A little exercise, combined with healthy meals will go a long way toward feeling better physically and mentally.”

In the U.S., 60% of adults admit to feeling stress every day according to a nationwide survey by Gallup. With so many Americans experiencing stress, it’s more important than ever to adopt healthy, stress-relieving habits. To find a physician or learn more ways to manage stress, visit

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Simmons, please call (928) 763-9290.

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