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Diet Center’s Behavior Tip – Conscious Eating

Health | 0 comments

September 2023

Do you ever find yourself eating something and then asking yourself, “Why did I eat that I was not even hungry”?

Eating out of habit, in response to our emotions, or in response to our environment can lead to unconscious eating that can result in consuming excess and unnecessary calories that over time can lead to weight gain. For example, you may find yourself munching on snacks in front of the television until the show is over, even if you were satisfied after the first bite. Or you may find yourself binging on junk food whenever you are stressed out, upset, or tired. Therefore, it is very important to develop conscious eating habits to improve your weight loss results.

What is the first step to becoming a conscious eater? The first step is knowing when you are hungry. You may be thinking that’s stupid I only eat when I am hungry. Before you take a bite of food, ask yourself, “am I eating because I am hungry or am I eating for other reasons.” If it is just a craving triggered by emotion or environment, try to take your mind off food by doing some other activity. While you are participating in the activity of your choice drink a glass of water. Some food cravings are caused by not drinking enough water.

If it is time to refuel your body, then you can move on to the next step. The next step is thinking about what you are going to eat. What foods are available? If you are eating away from home think about which food choices are best for your weight loss and weight maintenance goals. What fits into your Diet Center or other weight loss program? Also, think about portion sizes before you plate up or order your food. While you are eating, try to remain conscious of the experience. Enjoy your food and eat slowly to give your brain time to know that you are full. Did you know that it takes twenty minutes for your brain to recognize that there is food in your stomach?

The last step to being a conscious eater is tracking your food intake. Keeping a food journal will help you remain conscious of your eating behaviors and allow you to look at the big picture. Instead of reflecting on one day, you’ll be able to analyze your habits and food selections to determine where improvements can be made. Try to take these steps to become a more conscious eater. It will help you eat so that you meet your body’s needs, while achieving your weight loss goals!

If you have already started making changes like these and you are still finding it difficult to reach your weight loss goals, please call Diet Center today at 928-753-5066 or stop by 1848 Hope Ave in Kingman.

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