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Bullhead City police bring holiday cheer to children with 21st Annual ‘Shop with a Cop’ event

December 2023 | 0 comments

December 2023

BULLHEAD CITY — Over 100 local children experienced a special holiday season this December, thanks to the 21st Annual Shop With a Cop event in Bullhead City. This event, a community tradition, offered in-need children a unique Christmas experience through a partnership between the Bullhead City Police Department, local businesses, and community organizations.
The day started at the Elks Lodge, where selected children from the local school system enjoyed breakfast with police officers. This meal provided an opportunity for the children to build rapport with the officers, changing perceptions and fostering a friendly relationship.
After breakfast, a parade of patrol cars, complete with lights and sirens, escorted the children to Wal-Mart. This exciting journey not only thrilled the children but also symbolized the community’s care and protection. Local residents watched the parade, recognizing the event’s importance in the city.
At Wal-Mart, children each received a $100 gift card, funded by community donations, including a significant contribution from the Colorado River Republican Women. This funding was crucial to the event’s success. The shopping experience allowed children to choose their gifts, promoting independence and decision-making.
During the shopping, police officers accompanied each child, promoting positive interaction and a supportive environment. This interaction was key to building trust and friendship between the children and the officers, showcasing the officers in a nurturing role.
The event also featured a visit with Santa Claus, where children could take pictures, adding to the festive spirit. This moment with Santa was a central part of creating a joyful holiday experience for the children.
The success of the Shop With a Cop event reflected Bullhead City’s strong community support. The involvement of various groups and individuals demonstrated the community’s dedication to its young members, especially during the holiday season.
In summary, the 21st Annual Shop With a Cop event in Bullhead City was a significant community effort. It not only provided gifts to children but also strengthened community bonds and fostered positive youth-police interactions, embodying the spirit of the holiday season.

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