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Bullhead City leading employer of local youth

December 2023 | 0 comments

December 2023

BULLHEAD CITY – The City of Bullhead proudly boasts the positive effects of its history as a leading employer of local youth, which has proven to be a net benefit for the employees, the organization, and the whole community. 
“This past summer, we had 68 youth ages 14-18 working various positions,” said Bullhead City Manager Toby Cotter. “The average summer earnings amongst youth employees were $5,600. The average hourly wage was $13.92. Several of the individuals made more than $10,000.” 
By employing youth, the City of Bullhead City is benefiting from fresh ideas and perspectives. “For example, we just had a brainstorming meeting for next year’s summer camp, and staff brought a lot of great ideas to the table,” said Bullhead City Recreation Supervisor Claire Adams. “They are more in touch with current trends and technologies, which is valuable when running youth programs.”  
Employment with the city of Bullhead City offers young employees several benefits. “One of the best benefits for youth employees working for us has been the opportunities it afforded them within the organization,” said Bullhead City Parks and Recreation Superintendent David Heath. “We have had rec aides and other Recreation Division temporary and seasonal employees go on to work in the courts, HR, finance department, police department, transit, and in other full-time positions in various public works divisions. Rec Aides and lifeguards have also gone on to full-time positions in Flagstaff, Mesa, Phoenix, Kingman, and other cities.” 
The City is an appealing choice for young workers looking for flexibility and meaningful work. Young employees gain valuable skills and experience that serve them throughout their careers, and the City’s competitive wages allow employees to earn money while working for the betterment of their community. The flexible hours offered by the City also allow them to balance their work with other responsibilities such as school or extracurricular activities. 
“Several of our employees are involved with after-school programs such as sports and clubs, and by being flexible, it encourages them to continue with these activities,” Adams said.  
The community benefits from this initiative as well. By employing local youth, the City is able to help continue building a strong workforce, offering opportunities for young people to work, learn, and grow. This not only helps to build a strong and prosperous community, but it also instills a sense of pride and ownership in the young employees. 
“Hiring youth has proven to have a long-term positive impact on our community by allowing them the opportunity to enter the workforce at an early age,” said Bullhead City Marketplace Manager Canden Stanley. “In the last year, the Marketplace built a talent pipeline. We had 28 employees commit to returning next season and/or helping the Parks and Recreation Department with December Events.”   
Positions for youth employees are available throughout the year, with heavier hiring occurring during the winter and early spring for summer positions. “If you’re applying for a summer job in the middle or late spring, you’re late,” said Heath. “Interested candidates are encouraged to keep an eye on city openings at and apply at their earliest convenience.” 
The City of Bullhead City is committed to providing meaningful employment opportunities for its youth and looks forward to continuing the meaningful employment of youth for years to come. 
Mackenzie Covert (Covert is Public Information Officr of Bullhead City) 

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