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Mohave County Welcomes Fiber Internet: A Game-Changer for Remote Work and Online Learning

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May 2023

MOHAVE COUNTY – Mohave County residents can now enjoy the benefits of fiber internet, thanks to TWN Communications and Mohave Electric Cooperative. Fiber internet is faster and more reliable than cable or DSL, and it can make a big difference for those who rely on the internet for remote work, online learning, or streaming entertainment.

Benefits of Fiber Internet

Fiber internet provides faster download and upload speeds than other types of internet, and it can handle large amounts of data without slowing down. This means that you can stream movies or TV shows in high definition without buffering, and you can upload or download large files quickly. Fiber internet is also more reliable than other types of internet. It is less susceptible to interference from weather or other factors that can affect cable or DSL connections. This means that you are less likely to experience service interruptions or slow speeds.

TWN Communications and Mohave Electric Cooperative Partnership

TWN Communications is a local company that has partnered with Mohave Electric Cooperative to bring fiber internet to the community. TWN’s fiber internet service offers speeds up to 1 Gbps*, which is much faster than most cable or DSL internet plans. TWN also offers digital phone and streaming TV services, so you can bundle all of your home entertainment needs into one package.

Community Involvement

TWN understands the importance of being connected and is committed to giving back to the communities in its service areas. The company regularly attends local events, hires local service technicians, and creates jobs in the community.

Game-Changer for Remote Work and Online Learning

The arrival of fiber internet in Mohave County is a game-changer for remote work and online learning. With faster, more reliable internet, residents can work and learn from home without worrying about slow speeds or service interruptions. And with TWN’s dedication to customer service and community involvement, residents can feel good about supporting a local company.

How to Get Fiber Internet from TWN Communications

To learn more about fiber internet from TWN Communications or to pre-register for service, visit, call 888-227-2095, or stop by TWN’s local storefront at 2020 Silver Creek Road #113D, Bullhead City, AZ 86442. Watch for postcards in the mail and listen for phone calls to know when you can expect construction in your neighborhood.


With the partnership between TWN Communications and Mohave Electric Cooperative, Mohave County residents can now experience the benefits of fiber internet. With faster speeds and more reliability, it’s a game-changer for remote work and online learning.

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