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Havasu Solar serving Mohave County since 2005

Business | 0 comments

November 2022

LAKE HAVASU CITY – Havasu Solar has served Lake Havasu City and surrounding communities since 2005 and the main reason owner Levi French started the business to help the entrepreneurs in the community become independent from the grid and save thousands of dollars on their electric costs and be in control of their future.

“People choose Havasu Solar because we’re thousands of dollars less than all three major competitors in Mohave County – we use only the finest tier-one panels on the market and take our customers decision to go solar very seriously,” said French. “We have years of experience. Are installers are all certified in Advanced Residential Design and Advanced Residential Installs and take the utmost pride in our installations.”

Havasu Solar is one of Mohave County’s large employers with a complement of 40 solar specialists. One of the company’s recent new services is installation of the “indivisible solar” system. “If you have a flat roof, or RV garage, call us. We install indivisible solar so your curb appeal is intact, preserving your investment with discretion,” said French. “We are in the off-grid storage battery space, now offering the best and most efficient way to power your home in the event of a blackout or emergency. We also offer EV chargers and installation services, plus residential PV sales and installation service,” he said.

French said Havasu Solar is currently working with the Lake Havasu City administration officials in order to decrease the permit approval time, thus shortening the initial process for all customers. Havasu Solar has become Mohave County’s largest solar installer due to the company’s straight forward, transparent approach, which is customer driven and cost conscious. “If we can’t save you money, we won’t do the project,” French said. 

“Our showroom is open to anyone interested in solar and we are at most community events with special offers,” said French. “Once a customer considers going solar, we do a quick five minute site evaluation to ensure the home is ‘solar friendly,’ an have an accurate quote the following day.”

Havasu Solar’s showroom is located at 1635 Mesquite Avenue and hours of operation are 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, please call (928) 855-4446.

– Thom McGraham

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