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Arizona neighbor to three huge, contiguous economies

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March 2023

ARIZONA – Arizona is strategically located in the southwest region of the United States, immediately accessible to three of the world’s largest economies – California, Texas and Mexico. In fact, Arizona is the only state in the nation within a day’s drive of all those prominent world markets.

Road System

Major interstates, freeways and transcontinental and interstate railroads connect the state directly to dozens of major markets throughout the region. 

This infrastructure provides highly effective flow for people and products, including one-day truck haul routes between Arizona and California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah as well as deliveries to and from Mexico. Trucks originating in Arizona are capable of reaching 65 million people in a one-day drive, making market access particularly convenient.


For companies doing business on a global level, Arizona’s two international airports are located in Phoenix and Tucson. One of the largest in the world, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport transports more than 800 tons of cargo daily and more than 300 thousand tons annually. In addition, the Phoenix airport serves more than 100 cities with nonstop flights, which include international destinations. You can fly to Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas or Santa Fe in less than an hour. You can arrive in other major markets including Dallas, Denver or San Francisco in less than two hours, or in a third to get to Chicago, Houston, Mexico City, or Vancouver, Canada. 


The state’s lack of natural and weather-related disasters – such as earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards, and tornadoes – makes Arizona a convenient location for companies that require employees and market access to be available consistently throughout the year.

Along with the steady climate, Arizona is so geologically sound that it’s home to America’s largest nuclear generating facility. Palo Verde Nuclear Station provides businesses continual access to clean, reliable energy.

– Arizona Commerce Authority

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