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Oct 2023 | October 2023

Yuma Regional Medical Center Faces Financial Strain Due to Migrant Care

October 2023

October 2023

In the heart of Yuma, Arizona, the Yuma Regional Medical Center stands as the primary medical facility for the region. However, recent events have placed a significant financial burden on the institution. Over the past year, the hospital has provided care to a large number of migrants, resulting in substantial uncompensated expenses.
The Yuma Regional Medical Center is uniquely positioned, being the only major medical facility in close proximity to the border in the Yuma sector. This location has made it the primary destination for many migrants in need of medical attention after crossing the border. The hospital has treated a wide range of health issues, from injuries sustained during the journey to illnesses and even childbirths.
The federal government, under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, mandates hospitals to provide care to all individuals, irrespective of their ability to pay. While this mandate ensures that everyone receives necessary medical attention, it has posed a significant financial challenge for the Yuma Regional Medical Center. Over the past 18 months, the hospital has provided approximately $26 million worth of medical care to migrants. This care has been without any reimbursement from the federal government.
Of the total amount spent on migrant care, nearly a third was allocated for emergency services. Additionally, 28% of the expenses were directed towards treating women and children, with a significant portion being maternity patients. Many of these maternity patients had received little to no prenatal care, leading to additional complications and costs.
The financial strain is not limited to the hospital alone. The entire Yuma community is feeling the effects, as the hospital’s resources are stretched thin. This has potential implications for the community’s access to essential healthcare services.
The situation at the Yuma Regional Medical Center is a reflection of a broader issue faced by many border hospitals. While these medical facilities are legally bound to provide care, the lack of adequate compensation from the government places them in a precarious financial position.
In the face of these challenges, the Yuma Regional Medical Center continues to uphold its commitment to providing care to all. However, the current situation underscores the need for a more sustainable solution, ensuring that border hospitals can continue to serve their communities without facing financial ruin.

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